Online Gun Class | Get Your Virginia Resident or Non-Resident CCW


Online Gun Class meets Virginia law to qualify you for obtaining a concealed handgun permit.

The class consists of a 66-minute gun safety and concealed carry video followed by a 20 question multiple-choice test.

Upon successful completion of the test, simply print out your certificate and apply for your permit.

First Online Gun Safety Class

Online Gun Class was the first website to offer the convenience of taking a firearms safety class from the comfort of your own home. We understand that life is hectic and not everyone has the availability in his or her schedule to go through a traditional classroom program. That is why we created a new platform to better serve our customers.

Trusted Certificate

After completing the class and successfully passing the test, you simply print out your certificate and proceed with your application for your concealed carry permit.

Virginia Resident

Virginia residents may take their certificate to their local circuit court to apply for their permit. The Virginia resident concealed carry permit is recognized by over 30 states. Check out our interactive map to see if the state you’re visiting recognizes a Virginia Resident Permit.

Virginia Non-Resident

It is possible to take our class, obtain a Virginia Non-Resident Permit, and use it for Concealed Carry in your home state. Currently 29 states allow you to conceal carry with a Virginia Non-Resident permit. Check out our interactive map to see if your state recognizes a Virginia Non-Resident Permit.