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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Test

99.9% of people who have taken the Online Gun Class have passed the test on their first attempt. This does not mean that the test is easy; we feel it reflects the quality of instruction given through out our class. For those who do not pass the test on their first attempt, they are allowed several more attempts to pass the test, free of charge. 

Test completion times have ranged from as little as 5 minutes to as many as 12 minutes. Speed is not important; reading and understanding what is being asked is. Take as little or as much time as you think necessary.

We require you to receive a score of 75% or better to pass our exam and become certified.   Since there are only 20 questions on our exam, you will only need to answer 15 of them correctly. If you watch the video and immediately take the test, the higher your score will tend to be.

The test consists of 20 questions of different types: True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill-In-The-Blank.  No two tests are alike.

General Questions

Concealed Handgun Permits are issued for five years. We suggest that a renewal application be submitted 90 days prior to the expiration of your current permit. Unlike DMV and driver’s license renewals, the circuit court is not required to send a renewal notification. Once expired, you must undergo fingerprinting again (in some localities) and re-submit your Certificate of Completion to the court. Ninety days provides more than enough time for renewal, and the court is required by law to re-issue a permit within 45 days. The new renewal date will begin from the date your old permit expires.

There is no reason why there should be such a difference, except that each clerk’s office works at its own speed. You must apply in the city in which you reside, so you can’t “shop around” for the most efficient clerk’s office. Virginia law does require that the permit be issued within 45 days.

No. Virginia recognizes your military service as qualification to obtain a permit. Take your military I.D. card and a copy of your orders showing that you are stationed in Virginia to the circuit court in the locality in which you reside. Veterans should take a copy of their DD-214 form as evidence of military service.

No. Virginia law calls for taking a firearms training OR a safety class. Learning handgun safety does not entail live fire, shooting for a minimum score, or even touching a gun. This course satisfies Virginia law in that it teaches firearms safety. For anyone who wants to develop or improve marksmanship skills, we recommend learning firearms training from a professional instructor using live fire and shooting

Technical Questions


Yes. Online Gun Class meets all guidelines of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our site is PCI complaint and we use a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate and all transactions are encrypted to ensure that your credit card information is safe. Also, Online Gun Class will never store any of your credit card information on its site.

Yes, however we recommend watching the instructional video in its entirety, without interruptions and take the exam directly after watching the class. Since life is hectic and unpredictable, we have made it possible for you to pause and resume the course.

Yes. A copy of your certificate is automatically e-mailed to you upon completion of the class. You will be able to save the certificate file and print it once your printer is working properly. Another option is to go to a location with a working printer and log in to your email and print your certificate from there.

Virginia Non-Residents

Once you have taken the Online Gun Class and successfully passed the exam, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion. The Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit issued by the Virginia State Police. The cost for a 5-year permit is $100.00; fingerprints must be furnished with your completed application, as well as two passport-sized photographs.

Here is a link to the Virginia State Police website, which contains information on how to apply for a nonresident permit.

The Virginia Non-Resident concealed handgun permit is recognized in 29 States. If your state of residence recognizes a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit, then you may be able to obtain and use a Virginia Non-Resident Permit for concealed handgun carry in your home state and the other states that recognize the permit. To see if your state recognized the Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Handgun Permit check out our interactive map or your local state laws.

Yes. Virginia non-resident permits are issued by the Virginia State Police. Visit their website, for details and to order an application packet.

Virginia Residents

Currently 29 states allow you to concealed carry with a Virginia Non-Resident permit. Check out our interactive map to see if your state recognizes a Virginia Non-Resident Permit.

You may download the application form from our application form page, from the Virginia State Police website or you may go to any circuit court clerk’s office in person and request the application form. If you are filling out the form at home, do not sign it until you are in front of a clerk at the circuit court, since it is necessary for them to notarize your signature.

Apply through the clerk’s office of the circuit court in the city or county you reside. Some localities require fingerprinting, some don’t. By law, the court must issue your permit within 45 days from the acceptance of your application. Localities set the fee for the permit they issue, but under no circumstance may they charge more than $50.00.

Yes. Our certificate is accepted by every circuit court in Virginia for resident permit issuance. Since July 1, 2009, it must be accepted as a matter of law.

Disclaimer: State laws are subject to change at any time, and the information represented on this website may not be correct. You are responsible for performing your own research regarding concealed carry permits in the United States of America.